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HOme ProductsGood Times Products Good Times CigarillosGood Times Sweet, Grape, Straight Natural and White Grape Cigarillos are available in 60 count bonus boxes packed 40 to a case for a total of 2400 cigarillos.Sweet and Grape and White Grape are also available in 20/5 pack trays (100 count), packed 20 to a case for a total of 2000 cigarillos. And 30/3 packs (90 count) 20 to a case for a total of 1800 cigars.Good Times offers 7 flavors in 30 count uprights: Sweet, Grape, Wine, White Grape, Strawberry, Peach and Silver. These flavors are packed 50 units to a case for a total of 1500 cigarillos.Coming soon, Good Times Sweet, White Grape and NEW French Grape Cigarillos packaged in foil pouches for the longest shelf life and ultimate freshness.Good Times Cigarillo dimensions: 27 Ring Gauge x 4.25 inches.Good Times Cigarillos Sweet Cigarillos Foil Open Angle.jpggrape foilThree pouches for Web.jpgstrawberry cigarillos fwine cigarilloswhite grape cigarillosilver cigarillospeach cigarillosStraight Natural 30 ct Angle.jpgSweet rendering 2011 Angle.jpgGrape 30 count web.jpgFlat Wrap Flat WrapsMade from a blend of carefully selected ingredients, Good Times Flat Wraps are perfect for rolling-your-own cigars. Flavors include Mango-licious, Sour Apple, Grape, Blueberry, Strawberry-Kiwi, Passion, Cherry, Peach, Watermelon, White Grape and Natural. With this many choices for the consumer, Good Times Flat Wraps always prove you right. Each box includes 25 guaranteed fresh sleeves containing 2 wraps. Each case contains 50 boxes for a total of 2500 wraps.natural flat wrapstrawberry flat wrapsour apple flat wrappassion flat wrapmangolicious flat wrapgrape flat wrapblueberry flat wrapRemington Filter CigarsRemington Filter Cigars Remington Filter Cigars are available in the following flavors: Full Flavor, Lights, Cherry, Chocolate, Menthol, Strawberry, Peach, Vanilla, Rum, Grape, and White Grape. All in sturdy 100s Box.Remington Filter Cigars have established themselves as a great value for distributors, retailers and consumers alike. Remington CherryRemington GrapeRemington LightsRemington MentholRemington PeachRemington RumRemington StrawberryRemington VanillaRemington Web Strawberry.jpgLeaf WrapLeaf Wrap There is nothing better than natural. Good Times Leaf Wraps allows you to experience nature at its best.Good Times Dominicana hand selects the highest quality Connecticut Broadleaf ensuring a smooth burning wrapper that accentuates the taste of your favorite smoke. Good Times Leaf Wraps are available in Natural, Sweet, Strawberry, Grape and Passion Flavors.Each box contains 50 natural leaf wraps, packed in 25 guaranteed fresh sleeves (2 wraps per sleeve) for longer shelf life and maximum consumer enjoyment.Each case contains 50 boxes, totaling 2500 leaf wraps...Get your roll on.Leaf WrapLeafWrap.jpgStonewoodStonewood Stonewood is offered in four flavors; Sweet, Honey, Mild, and Honey Berry, all equally pleasant in aroma. Robust yet smooth, Stonewood is perfect for the great outdoors. Guaranteed fresh foil packaging seals in the moisture and the distinct Stonewood flavor.Each box includes 25 single cigar pouches. Each case contains 40 display boxes for a total of 1000 cigars. Also available in 6/5 packs, 40 boxes for a total of 1200.Stonewood cigar dimensions: 30.25 Ring Gauge x 4.25 inchesStonewood Honey BerryStonewood HoneyStonewood MildStonewood SweetHappy Times SuperillosHappy Times SuperillosHappy Times Superillos redefine what a cigarillo can be. Available in Sweet, Grape, Passion and Mangolicious flavors, Happy Times is the premier cigarillo packaged in resealable foil pouches for ultimate fresh flavor.Each case contains 6 display trays with 4 boxes of 15 zippered foil sleeves containing 2 cigars for a total of 720 cigars.Happy Times Superillos dimensions: 27 Ring Gauge x 4.25 inches.New Happy Times Passion rendering.jpgNew Mango Happy Times Rendering.jpgNew Grape Happy Times Rendered.jpgNew Sweet Happy Times Rendered copy.jpgNew White Grape Happy Times Rendered.jpgDouble Maestro CigarillosDouble Maestro Cigarillos Double Maestro is created for the true smoker in the tradition of the finest cigars worldwide. You deserve nothing less! Available in Vanilla and Green Candela Vanilla, Cognac, Grape and Honey Candela.Each case contains 24 units of 25 cigars for a total of 720 cigars.Double Maestro Cigarillo dimensions: 27 Ring Gauge x 4.25 inches.Double Maestro Cognac Angle.jpgDouble Maestro Green Vanilla Angle.jpgDouble Maestro Honey Angle.jpgDouble Maestro Grape Angle.jpgDouble Maestro Vanilla Angle.jpgDouble Maestro PalmaDouble Maestro Palma Double Maestro Vanilla Palma cigars are created by the Good Times team of Maestro cigar makers with the purpose of delivering the characteristically smooth, mild, and mellow flavor to the connoisseur of great tobacco taste. The distinctive aroma and flavorful appeal are the result of all natural wrappers encasing the finest Cuban seed tobaccos and natural fillers available. Once again our Maestros have conjured their skills to bring into existence the perfect marriage of craftsmanship and ingredients for a beautiful smoking experience.Each box contains 55 cigars, each case contains 12 for a total of 660 cigars.Double Maestro Special Edition Vanilla Palma dimensions: 43 Ring Gauge x 5.5 inches Good Days Pipe TobaccoGood Days Pipe Tobacco Good Times Gourmet Pipe Tobacco is packaged in sturdy re-sealable bags that keeps the tobacco harvest fresh.Good Days Pipe Tobacco available in 6 and 12 ounce bags of Full Red, Full Green, and Light Blue Blends.6 oz. cases contain 50 bags. 12 oz cases contain 25 bags.good days blue baggood days red baggood days green bagGood Days Factory Reject CigarsGood Days Factory Reject Cigars Good Days Factory Seconds are made from the same leaves and processes as premium cigars, but available at a discount price.Sold in boxes of 50 and available in Natural and Maduro wrappers in the following sizes: • Churchill (49 ring gauge x 6.5 inches) • Robusto (47 ring gauge x 5 inches) • Perfecto (42 ring gauge x 5.5 inches) • Lonsdale (43 ring gauge x 6.5 inches) • Petite Corona (42 ring gauge x 5 inches) • Toro (49 ring gauge x 6 inches)Each case contains 20 boxes for a total or 1000 cigars. CigarvilleCigarville Cigar-Ville Deluxe Cigars feature our fine Good Times Tobacco, uniquely wrapped four times for the best smoke and best value.Each display box includes 25 single cigars in foil pouches guaranteed fresh. 5 styles: PINK GP, VNL, STR, and Natural. Case = 625 cigarsCigar-Ville Deluxe dimensions: 32 Ring Gauge x 4.75 inches.Cigarville Pouches 24.jpgCigarville Pouches 25.jpgCigarville Pouches Pink.jpgCigarville Pouches 2.jpgCigarville Pouches 23.jpgLittle and Wild Little & WildGood Times Little -N- Wild cigars, include the finest pipe tobacco blends incorporated into a tipped cigarillo that rivals the greatest tasting cigars of any price point. Available in Regular Sweet and Wine flavors.Each case contains 50 boxes of 25 cigars each for a total of 1250.Also available in foil fresh pouches. Foil pouch cases contains 24 displays with 15/2 count pouches for a total of 720 cigars.Good Times Little & Wild dimensions: 27 Ring Gauge x 5 inches.little and wild 2little and wildTip CigarillosGood Times Sweet Tipped CigarillosGood Times Tipped Cigarillos feature the same great taste and quality as our Best Selling Cigarillos, but with a mouthpiece that many smokers prefer.Each case contains 50 / 25 count boxes for a total of 1250Good Times Cigarillo dimensions: 27 Ring Gauge x 5 inches. Good Times Filter TubesGood Times 100's Filter TubesGood Times Filter Tubes are available in 3 popular styles: Bold Red (Full Flavor), Classic Gold (Lights) and Cool Green (Menthol).These quality filter tubes come 200 to a box and 50 boxes per master case, for a total of 10,000 tubes per case. Filter Tubes Red Box.jpgFilter Tubes Green Box.jpgFilter Tubes Gold Box.jpgGood Times Cigarette PapersGood Times Cigarette PapersGood Times Cigarette Papers make rolling your own cigarettes easy and affordable, the way it should be. Available in the most popular 1-1/4 inch size.Good Times 1-1/4 Size Cigarette Papers come in booklets of 24 and are packed 72 booklets to a display bin. There are 24 display bins per master case, for a total of 1728 booklets per master case. Cigarette Paper Display angle.jpgCigarette Paper Display angle.jpgCigarette Paper Display angle.jpgCigarette Paper Display angle.jpgCigarette Paper Display angle.jpgCigarette Paper Display angle.jpgCigarette Paper Display angle.jpgLa Morena CigarsGood Times La Morena CigarsGood Times La Morena Cigars are made from the same leaves and processes as premium cigars, but available at a discount price.Sold in boxes of 50 and available in Natural and Maduro wrappers in the following sizes: • Churchill (49 ring gauge x 6.5 inches) • Robusto (47 ring gauge x 5 inches) • Perfecto (42 ring gauge x 5.5 inches) • Lonsdale (43 ring gauge x 6.5 inches) • Petite Corona (42 ring gauge x 5 inches)Each case contains 20 boxes for a total or 1000 cigars.Snoop Dog Cigarette PapersSnoop Dog Cigarette PapersGood Times Tobacco is proud to partner with world renowned rapper and entertainer Snoop Dogg to offer Snoop Dogg Cigarette Papers. Each eye-catching display includes 72 booklets of 24 leaflets. These quality papers are sure to please the most discerning roll your own aficionado. Snoop Dogg Cigarette Paper cases contain 24 displays of 72 Booklets (1728 Booklets total). 24 Cases per shipping pallet.Executive BranchExecutive Branch CigarillosGood Times Tobacco is proud to partner with world renowned rapper and entertainer Snoop Dogg to offer Executive Branch Cigarillos. Available in Classic Sweet, Grape, and White Grape, these world class cigars are more than worthy of the Snoop Dogg approval. Executive Branch Cigarillo cases contain 24 units (24 x 30 count) for a total of 720 cigars. Executive Branch Cigarillo dimensions: 27.8 Ring Gauge x 4.25 inches. 52 cases to a full shipping pallet.BluntsHappy Times BluntsHappy Times Blunts are comprised of the same quality wrapper, binder, and filler of our best selling cigarillos, but in the popular blunt size.These cigars are available in Sweet and Grape and are satisfying through and through.Blunt cases contain 24 displays for a total of 360 cigars. Happy Times Blunts dimensions: 41.5 Ring Gauge x 4.5 inches. 52 cases to a full shipping pallet.Blunts Sweet Box 2011.jpgBlunts Grape Box 2011.jpgAbout Us Good Times Dominicana, SA was founded in 2008 to compete in the US tobacco market, which includes cigarillos, tip cigars, pipe tobacco, cigar wraps, smokeless tobacco and premium hand made cigars.We are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality tobacco products made by a highly experienced staff. Good Times products are flavored by the best flavor technology company in the United States and uses carefully selected leafs from the largest leaf provider in the world.Good Times goal is to give our distributors and retailers the best buying experience and the end user the best smoking experience.With our background of being one of the largest distributors of tobacco products in the US, we were aware of the challenges that tobacco distributors and retailers face. Good Times recognized the opportunity for a tobacco manufacturer to introduce new products into the marketplace at lower costs that offer higher profit margins and aid the modern tobacco distributors and retailers.Distributors and retailers across the US will not have to struggle to sell our tobacco products at or below costs like other tobacco manufacturers offerings. Our well priced tobacco products will give you a larger share of the profits, energize your sales, make you smile and at the end of the day...let your hard work pay off.Photo GalleryIMAG0364.jpgphoto-1.JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto-1x.JPGphoto-2.JPGphoto-3.JPGphoto-4.JPGphoto-5.JPGphoto.JPG2011-11-11_11-49-50_65.jpgVideo EventsGood Times Events and Trade Show CalendarContact UsContact usGood Times USA 5112 LeTourneau Circle Tampa, Florida 33610Tel : 813-621-8702Fax : 813-621-2261E-MAIL : customerservice_goodtimestobacco.comBecome a DistributorTo become a distributor of Good Times Tobacco Products in the USA or anywhere in the world please contact our credit department at (813) 621-8702 or E-mail: to fill out an Authorization for Pre-Authorized Payments and an Agreement Application for COD Deliveries form.Click to DownloadAuthor-PreAuthorizedPymnts July2010.pdfDownload Order FormsClick to DownloadGoodTimesOrderform.pdfMaterialsDistributor and Wholesaler ResourcesUse the link below to access Good Times Product Photos and Barcode Information Sheets. All Materials are property of Good Times Tobacco and should only be used for advertising Good Times Tobacco.

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